Conferences and Events

Having an app for your convention or conference can be key to a successful event. You can inform your attendees in advance of participants, nearby facilities, and general news updates.

During the event visitors can use GPS to find their way around, view maps, see exhibits, and Tweet and Facebook their experiences in real time.

After the event, you can inform readers of the next event. The app does not have to be a single-use app: live updates can change the contents to be appropriate for next year.

EPage has proprietary GPS technology to map a users location to your graphical map. In other words, we can use the artwork that you already have, no matter the scale, even if the map is not a linear representation. We can provide a vendor map with the users location (provided the facility receives proper GPS signals); even without GPS the entire app will function.


  • Social Networking with Facebook, Twitter

  • Vendor Maps

  • Chat, Contact

  • Announcements and notifications

  • Maps and Directions via Google Maps

  • Custom Design to meet your specific needs

  • Live updating for instant changes

  • Prices from $750 and up for both iPhone and Android releases. Contact for quote.